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  • Classes - Birth to 5

    Classes birth to 5 at Great Western Pre-School Nursery Aberdeen


    At Great Western we provide specialist care for each age group. Our 5 nurseries provide places for children from birth to 5 years old, with each class having qualified and well trained staff who are experienced with the age group they are caring for.


    Our staff are aware of the needs of your child and the major changes they will encounter when they start nursery, from as early as 2 months until they are ready to start primary school.

  • Babies 

    Classes baby at Great Western Pre=-School Nursery Aberdeen


    For our babies we feel it is important to have as much parental input as possible, a vital part of each day is therefore the sharing of information from you when you drop your child off at nursery and from us to you when you pick your child up at the end of the session. This two way communication ensures your baby receives the best possible care and that a routine you are happy with is adhered to.


    Our staff not only supply the food, nappies, creams and wet ones but also 'cuddles', 'kisses', and 'bozies'. The atmosphere is casual but professional as we want you to be able to come into the nursery freely anytime you feel the need to participate and discuss your baby's needs with the staff.


  • Toddlers

    Classes toddlers at Great Western Pre-School Nursery Aberdeen


    Many of the toddlers started out in our baby unit and mix easily with other children in the unit. Our daily programme of activity is very much focused on the fun aspects of learning and our staff enjoy participating in the activities with the children.


    We are there to help develop growth with activities which help with coordination and agility, as well as activities which stimulate your child. Our daily programme is aimed at the all round development of your child in a fun and safe environment with staff who are qualified and trained in dealing with this age group.


  • Ante Pre-School

    Classes ante pre school at Great Western Nursery Aberdeen


    Our Ante Pre-School classes are set up into separate learning bays, i.e. role play, construction, sand, water, imaginative play, musical instruments and of course the D.I.Y. craft table. Children are guided through these bays which have been specifically planned to foster and develop certain areas of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. Our skilled staff observe and interact with the children to exploit learning opportunities, to develop concentration and to enhance play. Staff encourage children to play together where appropriate but also value the importance of a child working independently.


    Children are also involved in group activities, i.e. singing, story telling, garden play, music making, yoga and physical development and movement.


  • Pre-School

    Classes pre school at Great Western Pre-School Nursery Aberdeen


    Our pre-school class build upon the skills and learning developed in the ante-pre-school classes.


    These classes are set up using a variety of learning bays with attention paid to your child's emerging numerical and linguistic skills, and to the complexities of their play.


    There is a move towards developing your child's independence and group play skills following the Curriculum for Excellence.