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Out of School Club Admissions

When parents make an enquiry regarding available space, they are given the opportunity to visit the club and to discuss their needs and whether or not the service provided is satisfactory for their child. Parents complete an application form stating the date of application and also the date a club space is required. Days and hours required are also detailed on the application form at this time. We allocate places in the following way:

1. Parents who already have a child attending the club will be given first choice of available space.

2. Siblings of children already attending the club.

3. New admissions

It is the responsibility of the parent to put their requirements in writing to the relevant club. Only requests in writing will be accepted onto the waiting list. Allocation of sessions will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. All children who attend Great Western Pre-Schools will be advised of the need to apply for Out of School care if required. This will be done when children are in their ante-pre school year. Children who attend any of the Great Western Pre-schools will be given priority on all Out of Schools waiting lists.