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Holburn West Out of School Club

Holburn West Church,
9 Ashley Park Drive,
AB10 6RY

Phone: 07590 789123 / 01224 319530

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Care Inspectorate/Care Commission Grading and Reports

DateQuality of Care and SupportQuality of EnvironmentQuality of StaffingQuality of Management and LeadershipReport
26 Aug 2015 4 - Good (I) 5 - Very Good (I) 5 - Very Good (I) 5 - Very Good (I) download

Quality Theme 1: Quality of Care and Support

Grade awarded for this theme: 4 - Good

Statement 1: 5 - Very Good

“We ensure that service users and carers participate in assessing and improving the quality of the care and support provided by the service.” 

Statement 3: 4 - Good

“We ensure that service users' health and wellbeing needs are met.”

Quality Theme 2: Quality of Environment

Grade awarded for this theme: 5 - Very Good

Statement 25 - Very Good

“We make sure that the environment is safe and service users are protected.”

Statement 55 - Very Good

“The accommodation and resources are suitable for the needs of the service users. ”

Quality Theme 3: Quality of Staffing

Grade awarded for this theme: 5 - Very Good

Statement 2: 5 - Very Good

“We are confident that our staff have been recruited, and inducted, in a safe and robust manner to protect service users and staff.”

Statement 3: 5 - Very Good

”We have a professional, trained and motivated workforce which operates to National Care Standards, legislation and best practice.”

Quality Theme 4: Quality of Management and Leadership

Grade awarded for this theme: 4 - Good

Statement 2: 5 - Very Good

“We involve our workforce in determining the direction and future objectives of the service.”

Statement 4: 4 - Good

“We use quality assurance systems and processes which involve service users, carers, staff and stakeholders to assess the quality of service we provide.”

10 Dec 2010 5 - Very Good (I) Not Assessed Not Assessed Not Assessed download
23 Mar 2010 5 - Very Good (I) 5 - Very Good (I) 5 - Very Good (I) 5 - Very Good (I) download
15 Dec 2008 3 - Adequate (I) 3 - Adequate (I) 3 - Adequate (I) 3 - Adequate (I) download

Grading Key

(I) - Grading resulting from an inspection
(C) - Grading resulting from an upheld or partially upheld complaint
(E) - Grading resulting from an enforcement
(A) - Grading resulting from information submitted/not submitted by the provider


After School Club:

Mon: 3pm -> 5:45pm
Tue: 3pm -> 5:45pm
Wed: 3pm -> 5:45pm
Thur: 3pm -> 5:45pm
Fri: 3pm -> 5:45pm



Out Of School Club Manager:
Jan Watt 




From Address: