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Pre-Birth to Three

Birth to Three: - Supporting our Youngest Children acts as a foundation for a child's future learning and development and is based on the concept that care and learning are inseparable.

pre-birth to three at Great Western Pre-School Nursery AberdeenThe curriculum is based on three key principals through which effective support and learning opportunities for very young children can be developed:-

  • Relationships
  • Responsive care
  • Respect

Learning at this early stage involves providing opportunities to play, interact, explore, create and to problem solve. At Great Western we support this by providing a safe, fun and challenging environment with skilled staff which allows us to:-

  • Support our children's immediate interests and needs
  • Develop relationships that encourage children to participate actively
  • Create opportunities for children to communicate their feelings and their thoughts

lts birth to threePre-birth to three at Great Western Pre-School Nursery Aberdeen


More information can be found at Alternatively please feel free to download the guidance document here.