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Qualification with GW@EY

qualification at Great Western Training Centre Pre-School Nursery Aberdeen CCLDAs a GW@EY candidate, you will receive support, training and guidance thorough the course of your qualification. An assessor/trainer will be appointed to you, and will work with you to create your personal learning plan which will cover all aspects of your training and assessment.

You will have an induction which will allow your assessor to determine:-

  • Your current skill set and level of competence
  • Agree on the standard and level of qualification you are aiming for
  • Determine what you need do learn
  • Select activities that will support achievement of your qualification

Training Days and Twilight training sessions will be arranged to support your learning process. These will enable you to gain the knowledge you need to evidence your award.

Your assessor will work alongside you and your employer to promote good practice in your workplace and support you throughout the duration of your qualification.