We are so excited to be opening out of school clubs at Westhill and extending our provision at Portlethen. 
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About Us

Providing quality early learning and childcare in and around Aberdeen for over 35 years.

At Great Western we have been delivering high quality childcare for over 35 years. We understand that you have many options when choosing someone to care for your child and help them develop into strong, confident individuals. We hope that we can be there for you during this important stage in their life. 

We strive to create inviting learning environments rich with experiences and opportunities for your child to investigate, create, practice and perfect all the skills needed in the next stage of their lives. 

We have an enthusiastic and well qualified team across our nurseries, out of school clubs and training centre ready to nurture and support your family along this journey. 

You pick a nursery on a feeling you get in your heart as you walk around the setting, so, we would encourage you to come and have a walk with us, take in the environment, talk to our staff and, hopefully, you will get that feeling with us.


I would highly recommend Great Western. The staff are so compassionate, caring, kind and approachable. I always felt that they really knew my child and provided excellent opportunities for her to develop and learn. She loved going to nursery and every day was different and fun. There were opportunities for lots of outdoor learning and links with the community which were so beneficial. They are also very prompt at getting back to you with by queries and the administration was very efficient.


We have absolutely loved Great Western road over the last 8 years. It’s been such a nurturing, caring, learning environment where both of my children have built strong friendships and been supported by staff in their development and personal growth. As with any nursery, the staff change out from time to time but they have had and do have some really high calibre people with constant ideas for improvements and interests and very much care about the children. Supervisors and Management are open to new ideas, are accommodating and have the children’s best interests at the front of their minds. We did a lot of research before we selected Great Western and for what we wanted, a nurturing environment to help the children develop, grow and build their confidence, it has been great.


Lovely, caring and attentive staff who have welcome my family to the nursery. We've been able to communicate with ease, and have found the environment warm and nurturing for our child. The settling in process has been managed really well for both parent and child, ensuring a gradual and steady entry to nursery life. We are really happy with GWEY and could not recommend it more highly.


Highly recommend PL2 nursery, the staff are lovely and attentive to the children’s needs. The nursery follows great training programmes to train staff to a high standard. There is a very calm and nurturing feel which you see consistently through all of the staff. The rooms are always kept up to date with a variety of play equipment which changes frequently to allow children to have an array of things to play with. There is good communication with parents to keep informed and we are often asked for our own ideas and recommendations for new suggestions for the nursery to take on board.


Our Nursery Locations

Great Western Road, Aberdeen

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Broomhill Road, Aberdeen

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Kingswells, Aberdeen

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Portlethen 1, Aberdeenshire

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Portlethen 2, Aberdeenshire

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