Nursery Fees

Lorndale Aberdeen Limited t/a Great Western Pre-School Nursery

1st March 2023




 0-3 Years




 Nappies, wipes, creams (not medicated) and food will be supplied by nursery. Parents please provide Bottles and Formula.



 Same as above

 Full Day


 Same as above (5% discount for 5 full days)

 3-5 Years





 Lunch provided

 (A £3.00 snack charge will be payable for those accessing 1140-hour free sessions.)



 Lunch is not provided

 Full Day


 Lunch provided

 (A £3.00 snack charge will be payable for those accessing 1140 hours free sessions. A 5% discount will be given to those who do not access 1140 free funding but do attend 5 Full Days.)

Nursery Hours

We are open from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; however, we are happy to discuss early and late care. This should be arranged through administration only. Your child’s attendance can be from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm with a prior arrangement. There is NO charge for this service. A skeleton staff is organised on a rota basis to cover the extended hours. (For those accessing free funding through 1140 hours through the 50-week model, you are entitled to 22.8 hrs of funding per week. At Great Western we allocate an additional 2.2 hours per week giving you a yearly total of 1250 free hours
of funding.)

Nursery Fees will be calculated on the basis of a 50 week year

Fees will be due monthly in advance based on a 50-week year and payable no later than the First of the Month. A 2 percent charge will be made for fees not paid by this time.

Sibling Discount

A 10% Discount will be given to the younger sibling of a child attending nursery.

Booking Sessions for Nursery

It is the responsibility of the parent to submit an application or change of sessions request form to the manager or administrator of the relevant nursery. Only requests of this type will be accepted into the waiting list. Allocation of sessions will be given on a first-come, first-served basis with the following priority, (1) child attending, (2) siblings and (3) full-time spaces. Priority is given to families who require the greater number of sessions. (4) New applicants. If a space is available upon application, the child is given the required sessions immediately. If the sessions are not available, the child is placed on a waiting list and offered the spaces when available. There is a three-session minimum requirement for all applicants who must include a Monday or a Friday if available. A session is defined as a morning or afternoon. A full day would be two sessions. A retainer will be paid when sessions are confirmed. This will be deducted from the first invoice and is not refundable if the space is cancelled.

Accessing Government Pilot Scheme of 1140 Hours 2023-24

Free funding at entry will be available for children the term after their third birthday. You can access a 38-week model or a 50-week model.

Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 for School year 2023-2024 to be advised.

Notice for reducing sessions and leaving dates

A four-week notice in writing is required to receive a reduction in fees. When reducing sessions, the same three session minimum requirement should be maintained, and a change of sessions
request from must be completed and returned to the administrator or manager of the setting.

Forced Closure

If there is a forced closure, e.g., adverse weather conditions and pandemic, refunds will not be given.

*Please note fees are subject to change. It is advisable to check with manager or administrator for most up-to-date information.
*We reserve the right to allocate spaces to staff based on the needs of the organisation.

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